An icon of Charlotte, its communities and people, the Sun Icon welcomed millions of visitors to the Eastland Mall starting on July 30, 1975.

The Sun Icon’s stylish vintage design first captured the eye of Evan and Susan Plante of Docklands Design in 2013 while on a bike ride past the condemned building. “Someone is going to miss this design as soon as it’s gone,” Evan commented and snapped a photo for posterity.

In fact, thousands of people were nostalgic for the Sun Icon in every corner of the world, as was evident once Docklands Design started producing t-shirts from our studio print shop. We’ve shipped orders to
almost all 50 states over the past 10 years.

In 2024, CharlotteEAST partnered with Docklands Design to take control
and trademark Sun Icon to protect its legacy. CharlotteEAST is a non-profit whose mission is to develop and strengthen social and economic capital in East Charlotte by elevating the collective voice
of its people, neighborhoods, schools, nonprofits, businesses, and civic organizations.

A portion of the proceeds from the Sun Icon use goes directly back into the CharlotteEAST community whose support is why we are here today.